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    How to Submit a Claim Efficiently

    If you need to make a general liability insurance claim, the method you use to submit your claim can either help or hinder the process. We want to help save you as much time as possible and get you any compensation due quickly. Here are steps to make the claim submission process efficient and effective. […]

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    SPG Press Release February 23rd, 2021

    Summit, New Jersey February 23, 2021 –Specialty Program Group LLC (SPG), a leading operator of specialty insurance brokerages and underwriting facilities, announced today the promotion of Susan Preston to Vice President, Director of Program Development for SPG.

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    PPIB Press Release February 16th, 2021

    Professional Program Insurance Brokerage (PPIB) announces that Susan Etter has been promoted to President. In this role Susan will oversee and manage all daily operations of PPIB. The move coincides with the promotion of PPIB founder and current President, Susan Preston, to Vice President of Program Development for Specialty Program Group, PPIB’s parent company.

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    We can now look back at 2020 as an unbelievable time. If you are reading this, you are likely hanging on to your insurance career. And why not? How much more exciting can one industry get than insurance was in 2020?

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    Working Remotely – Winners and Losers

    Opinion article written by Susan Preston. With COVID-19 many companies are rushing to embrace the idea of having their people work remotely. If this becomes the new norm, it is important to analyze who will win, who will lose and what the overall result in society will be.

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    Insurance does not attract innovation, excitement or glamour. Ours is an industry that changes very little over time. Other industries and businesses that do not change and reinvent themselves become obsolete yet the insurance business plugs along year after year. Recently I attended a conference of insurance wholesale owners and managers and many were lamenting the fact young people don’t want to get into insurance.

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    Social Relevance of Insurance

    Opinion article written by Susan Preston. So much is changing in the world, and insurance has a major part in leading the effort to understand how we can cope with new realities.

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    Clay Mayweather voted top 100 Specialist Brokers 2020 in IBA Magazine

    Clay Mayweather voted top 100 Specialist Brokers 2020 in Insurance Business America magazine.

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    Can You “Think Outside the Box” if Underwriting Dies

    Recently I read a book about people who achieved financial success. There were two common themes running through their personal stories: the first is the ability to accept risk, and the other is thinking outside the box. In the insurance industry, one might argue they should be the same thing.

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    Susan Preston named as one of 68 elite women, has been at the forefront of setting up insurance programs.

    Making Insurance Glamorous and Interesting. Insuring the unique and unusual garners Susan Preston her 4th Elite Women award in 2019.

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    PPIB Partners with the AAM to present Virtual Summit

    The AAM present the PMU Business Blueprint, Pt. 1 Virtual Summit Wednesday, Aug. 12th. The webinar featured PPIB’s Rashea Byars and Karen Torres. The program covered essential business items related to legal protection, filing taxes, and insurance claims. Watch the presentation on YouTube: https://youtu.be/FtKLE81jmq4

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    Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t

    Recently we had an insured call and suggest we write an article on why a permanent makeup (PM) technician should give the client the exact look they want and not try to foist their own opinion and ideas of beauty on the client. The situation that arose was our insured PM technician felt that her client’s request for eyebrows was too radical and faddish. The person seeking the procedure was a woman under 30 who wanted her eyebrows to be a trendy, uplifting look.

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    Expect the Unexpected

    There seems to be a prevailing belief in the professional services world that if you are good at what you do, you don’t need insurance. You can be as careful as you possibly can, you can be excellent in your field, you can cross all of your T’s and dot all of your I’s, but you cannot account for Human Nature, nor Mother Nature.

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    Salons – The New Normal

    Beauty professionals are working diligently to adapt their businesses and services to protect clients, employees, and themselves from COVID-19. Regulations vary depending on location; however, regardless of your situation, these are some strategies you can consider in addition to meeting the minimum requirements for reopening. If opening guidelines are not available in your area, these ideas may allow you a starting point for preparations.

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    Salon Owners FAQ During COVID-19

    The effect of the COVID-19 Crisis has been swift and relentless. As scary as it is for our health, it is also terrifying for many salon owners and other small businesses. Our salon insurance specialists want to share what information in an effort to help salon owners keep their businesses afloat during the COVID pandemic. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers.

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    Water and Other Slippery Slopes

    Day Spas in America are doing well. They are able to combine services and offer the busy woman or man more than one option for their beauty treatments. This industry has turned out to be somewhat recession proof as one of the last expenses people give up are services or products that make them feel better about themselves.

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    Eyes Wide Open – Nouvelle Esthetiques & Spa Magazine

    Written by: Susan Etter Whether you are from the era of Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy or Adele, it’s hard not to appreciate what amazing lashes can do not only for the eyes but the whole face. They are the easiest way to brighten a face and create a dramatic look even without makeup. The latest offerings […]

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    Pop Quiz for Spa Owners

    Q1. Where is your business owners’ policy? Wait, don’t tell me! Let me guess. It’s in a file folder in a slightly dusty cabinet at the back of your office in the original envelope it came in.

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    Tattoo Shop Safety

    Our tattoo shop insurance specialists hear that it can be hard to make sure your staff is as safety conscious as you are. Here are some ideas for ensuring that everyone is following safety precautions and taking them seriously.

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    First Hand Facts on Fainting

    Written by: Susan Preston My “virgin husband” finally determined he was ready to venture out and get his first tattoo. Having no time in our normal lives we decided the best time to get one would be on the last day of our Hawaii vacation on the big island of Hawaii. We chose Rockwood’s Big […]

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