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Salons – The New Normal

Beauty professionals are working diligently to adapt their businesses and services to protect clients, employees, and themselves from COVID-19. Regulations vary depending on location; however, regardless of your situation, these are some strategies you can consider in addition to meeting the minimum requirements for reopening. If opening guidelines are not available in your area, these ideas may allow you a starting point for preparations. 

  • Salon Manual containing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) – communicate any new operating procedures to staff after updating the salon manual or SOPs.
  • Hand washing – The CDC recommends washing hands for 20 seconds, before and after each client, after eating, after touching your face, or using the bathroom. Make sure there is plenty of liquid soap, hand sanitizer, and tissue.  
  • Disinfecting Procedures – in addition to styling tools, countertops, styling stations, and bathrooms need to be wiped down regularly.  
  • Stay Home When Unwell – the threshold for staying home is lower. In the past, a fever may have been your signal to stay home, now a mild cough or stuffy nose may be sufficient reason to stay home.  Support your staff by honoring sick days. 
  • Create a Sickness Cancellation Policy – Allowing clients to cancel without penalty will reduce the odds they will come to the salon sick. 
  • Call or Text to Check-in Outside – Instead of having clients wait in a lobby, ask that they call or text when they arrive and then wait outdoors or in their car until their chair and stylist is ready. 
  • Remove Unnecessary Risks – Candy jars, shared magazines, product bottle samples, and spa supplied drinks all pose additional opportunities for germs to spread. Removing them makes your job easier. 
  • Reliable Scheduling System – Expect increased rescheduling, and make sure you have an effective system. Use online scheduling, and automated reminder notices to help cut down on confusion and time required. 
  • Practice Physical Distancing – Space stations a minimum of six feet apart. Appoint as few beauty professionals per client as possible. Maintain distance when not preforming services and avoid close face to face interactions. Proximity during services does not mean that hugging and handshakes are appropriate. 
  • Provide PPE to Employees – If not required by law, encourage employees to wear personal protective equipment. Have masks and gloves available if needed. 
  • Communicate with Clients – Use salon signs, email, the salon website, automated text, and verbal reminders to inform clients of your new procedures. 

PPIB salon insurance brokers aim to be your trusted partners. If you have questions, we are here to help you better understand the issues that relate to your salon insurance program. We are available by phone and email from 8:30 am to 5 pm PDT Monday through Friday.

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