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How to Submit a Claim Efficiently

If you need to make a general liability insurance claim, the method you use to submit your claim can either help or hinder the process. We want to help save you as much time as possible and get you any compensation due quickly. Here are steps to make the claim submission process efficient and effective.

Maybe a client slips and falls in your salon or alleges a burn after waxing. 

Whatever the incident, here’s what you need to remember when submitting a liability insurance claim:

Keep meticulous notes in one spot. Document even minor incidents. Include detail of what happened, when, who was involved, and if there were any witnesses. Be sure to record contact information and note if you speak to any third parties concerning what’s happened. Completing this while the details are fresh in your mind may save you time and frustration if there is a complaint or lawsuit later. 

Review your liability insurance policy. This way, you’ll be familiar with your coverage. If you have any specific questions, ask your insurance provider. You’ll want to have your policy number handy when you call. Is there a deductible? It’s helpful to have funds in reserve to cover the cost of the deductible if necessary. 

Call your liability insurance provider after an accident or incident. You don’t have to wait until you are being sued to reach out. It’s better to be proactive and initiate an investigation so that the claim is resolved. Getting started is important because the statute of limitations varies from state to state, so in some places, you might face a lawsuit years after an alleged incident.

Keep a communication log. It’s wise to track all correspondence related to an incident or liability insurance claim. Record the date, time, and details of phone calls, emails, and in-person conversations. When possible, keep any communication in writing so that you have a record. Keep copies of every document you provide to your insurer.

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