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Revolutionizing the Insurance Industry One Program at a Time

In our ever-changing world, brokers have the option to compete on price or seek out categories that are not overworked by the insurance industry. Professional Program Insurance Brokerage (PPIB) has chosen to market to exciting and unique industries with limited distribution channels.

PPIB was formed in 1993 to design insurance programs for industries that did not have them. PPIB first tackled the permanent cosmetic industry. This service includes tattooing of eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. To better serve the industry, PPIB President, Susan Preston, setup a nonprofit association for permanent cosmetic technicians that sets and promotes industry standards. From this alliance with industry representatives, PPIB developed underwriting standards, applications, and endorsements that continue to serve this market.

In 1995, tattoo industry leaders asked PPIB for a program like the one for permanent cosmetics, followed by the Medispa/Laser industry in the year 2000. At that time, PPIB worked with doctors, laser specialists and trainers to understand lasers, Botox/dermal fillers, medical peels, and wellness programs. To assist clients, PPIB developed consent, medical history and aftercare forms for these disciplines.

More than Twenty-five years later, PPIB still leads the way in insurance innovation. Newer additions to our program line include Cannabis Facilities, Products liability for E-Cigarettes, Smoke Shops, Wellness Centers and Program Development for a Martial Arts Franchise.

IBBI In 2015 PPIB acquired Ultimate Image, a program for the beauty industry. This low cost program offers coverage to salons and independent contractors.
In 2018 PPIB acquired the IBBI book of business along with industry professional Karen Torres. This well-known beauty program continues the expansion of PPIB’s beauty business and allows PPIB to maintain a competitive program. IBBI

Throughout the years, PPIB has embraced diversity in their staff. Now employing over 25 people, PPIB has been successful in developing careers for many people without an insurance background. Many of the company leaders are women and/or minorities, as well as top sales people/underwriters. This ability to promote diversity in both programs and staffing is what makes PPIB unique in the insurance industry.

While PPIB writes insurance policies all over the United States, all insurance programs and industry careers arise from their California offices. PPIB is proud of the work they are doing and the diversity of their people.

On June 1, 2018 PPIB sold the business to Specialty Program Group, (SPG) a Division of Hub International. With the market strength of SPG, PPIB will continue to expand their product offerings.

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