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Tattoo Shop Safety

As a tattoo artist or tattoo studio owner, you know that safety and professionalism are essential. 

Our tattoo shop insurance specialists hear that it can be hard to make sure your staff is as safety conscious as you are. Here are some ideas for ensuring that everyone is following safety precautions and taking them seriously. 

  • Make sure your staff members know that safety is important to you. Ensure they know that you won’t tolerate lax standards or cutting corners. 
  • Don’t let things slide. If you notice someone on your team is not cleaning correctly between clients, pull them aside and say something.  
  • Create a checklist. Some people are better than others at remembering steps, so take the guesswork out of it. Make a quick and easy checklist to follow – and that each person signs off on it.  

Remind everyone that your customers are going to be looking for things like:

  • A sharps container. Used needles and disposable cartridges go in a proper sharps container. (It needs to be emptied before exceeding capacity.)
  • Cleanliness. This includes the common area, each tattoo artist’s workstation, and the bathrooms. It’s all got to be clean if you want clients to believe you take proper precautions for their safety and wellbeing. 
  • Proper disinfectant. Clients are savvy these days, and bleach wipes aren’t going to cut it. Tattoo artists need to use industrial cleaning products and clean every possible surface of their workstation between clients. 
  • Display your certification for infection control. Right alongside your business license, your clients should be able to see that their tattoo artist has completed the state’s mandatory bloodborne pathogen and infection control training – and that it’s up to date.
  • Use proper protective equipment to mitigate contact with bodily fluids. Tattoo artists should routinely wear gloves, barrier gowns, a face shield, and protective eyewear. These must be clean and fresh for each new client. And don’t forget new markers and stencil paper, too! Nothing should be reused – or expired. Check the dates for all your ink.

When each tattoo artist is responsible for their workspace and equipment, it’s best if everyone understands the standards set by the studio and what is expected of them. 

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