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Don’t Get Burned by the Permanent Jewelry Industry

If you have yet to hear, permanent jewelry is one of the latest fashion trends. From New York to LA, people are getting “Forever Bracelets” and “Endless Bracelets.” Creating permanent jewelry involves having a delicate chain permanently affixed by welding the links of gold or silver together rather than having clasps. Customers can customize jewelry with gems or charms before being attached. Once it’s on, the wearer can only remove the jewelry (usually a bracelet or necklace) by cutting it off. Permanent jewelry is a new way for mothers and daughters, best friends, siblings, or romantic partners to show their unbreakable bond or memorialize special moments. You’ll hear people talk about “Forever Bracelets” or “Endless Bracelets” these are examples of permanent jewelry.

From an insurance perspective, the main concern is that welding jewelry together while it’s on a person creates the risk of burning the skin. A jeweler typically uses a laser to weld the precious metal together quickly (hopefully painlessly). As with some other beauty procedures or fashion trends, the growing business of permanent jewelry (isn’t regulated at the time we wrote this article) and the person “zapping” the jewelry together might not be an expert welder. And even experts can have mishaps, mechanical issues, or equipment failures.

Additional possible concerns are that the wearer could be injured if the chain does not break when snagged. The jewelry may show wear prematurely due to constant use. And although the permanent jewelry is unlikely to set off airport security alarms, it does need to be removed for some medical procedures such as MRI scans.

From a liability insurance perspective, clients will need to be informed of possible issues. Similarly, written advice or waivers regarding safe removal of permanent jewelry would be prudent. If you are curious about liability insurance for niche beauty and fashion trends, our brokers can answer any questions you might have.

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