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Business Insurance For Salons

You’ve poured time, money, sweat, and love into your salon, yet despite your dedication, it’s still vulnerable. No matter how hard you work, you cannot eliminate the possibility of a lawsuit, electrical fire, vandalism, or natural disaster. Adequate salon insurance is your best defense against the unknown, and the most reliable way you can protect your livelihood and those on your team.


However, not all business insurance for salons is the same. When you’re selecting the right salon insurance coverage for your business, consider your unique beauty salon and the following coverage options, each with varying limits: 


Personal, General, & Product Liability: No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen (even if you’re not directly responsible). If an employee or contractor in your salon is, you can still be held liable as the business owner. Personal general and product liability coverage could protect you if a customer sustains a burn or cut, if someone slips on the premises and gets injured, or if a product you sell causes injury or harm to a client.


Property: Regardless of if you own or rent, you’ll want to protect your investment in your salon. Remember to include equipment, product inventory, computers, and electronics in your beauty salon insurance coverage.


Workers Compensation Insurance: If an employee or contractor is injured while at work, workers’ compensation coverage will replace a portion of wages to the employee and helps to pay for medical or rehab expenses.


Common perils: As a small business, your salon should have insurance coverage for damages caused by a fire, natural disaster, or other issues such as flooding (if there are plumbing issues). Be sure to check the fine print because some coverage (for example, earthquake) is sometimes extra.


Equipment: Some salons offer services with specialty equipment for suntanning or electrolysis. Protect your investment in case the equipment is damaged or stolen. 


Are you interested in learning more? Contact us today for a quote on salon insurance tailored to your unique needs.

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