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Top Reasons Beauty Salons are Sued

Just because your business is beauty doesn’t save you from the possibility of facing an ugly lawsuit at some point. 

Investing in beauty insurance could save your livelihood if you get taken to court. 

Here are the top 8 reasons why beauty salons get sued (and why beauty insurance is worth it!):

  1. Cuts. Not haircuts, but those rare moments when scissors slip and someone sustains an injury to the scalp, neck, face, or even an eye.
  2. Slips and falls. Supermarkets aren’t the only businesses that need attorneys to defend them if a client slips and falls. Even if you put up warning signs when the floors are being mopped or frequently sweep up hair, accidents happen.
  3. Chemical mishaps. If an employee makes a mistake with bleach or perm solution, damage to a client’s skin, hair, or eyes could find you in court (and hopefully calm because you have comprehensive beauty insurance to protect your business).
  4. Equipment failure. If any of your equipment is faulty, an unhappy and injured client might choose to sue. The more services you offer (like nails or tanning), the higher the potential for mechanical failures. 
  5. Allergic reactions. If clients react to the products you use during services, they might sue your salon.
  6. Damaged clothes. If you spill products on a client’s clothing, you could be on the hook to replace it. (Sometimes the people who wear the most expensive items are also the first to want restitution.)
  7. Theft. As the business owner, you may be legally responsible if items are stolen from a client while at your salon.
  8. Employee health and wellness. Long-term exposure to harsh chemicals can cause health issues. Your employees might sue to get their medical expenses and loss of income covered.

PPIB has a long history of supporting the beauty insurance industry. We strive to give salon owners the security they need to prosper. If you’d like to find out what beauty insurance options are available to you, contact us today for a comprehensive review.

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