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Professional Program Insurance Brokerage – Embracing the Unusual

In our ever changing world, brokers have the option to either compete on price with every other broker out there, or seek out categories that are not overworked by the insurance industry. Professional Program Insurance Brokers (PPIB) has answers for brokers who want to market to exciting and unique industries with limited distribution channels. 

PPIB was formed in 1993 for the purpose of developing insurance programs for industries that did not have programs. PPIB first tackled the permanent cosmetic industry. This service includes tattooing of eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. To better serve the industry, PPIB President, Susan Preston, set up a nonprofit association
for permanent cosmetic technicians that provides loss control and business skill assistance. From this alliance with industry representatives, PPIB was able to develop underwriting standards, applications, and endorsements that continue to serve this market.

In 1995, tattoo industry leaders asked PPIB for a program similar to the one for permanent cosmetics, as the two fields employ many of the same standards of care. PPIB successfully developed a program for tattoo artists, followed by a program for body piercers with custom-created forms dedicated to their services. This continues to be the leading program in America for tattoo artists and body piercers, as it provides coverage that expressly meets their needs.

In 2000, PPIB recognized that the Medispa/Laser industry was going to boom, especially in states that allow non-physicians to perform these procedures. At that time, PPIB worked with doctors, laser specialists and trainers to understand lasers, Botox/dermal fillers, medical grade peels, and sclerotherapy. To best serve both the insurance and cosmetic industries, PPIB again developed consent, medical history and aftercare forms for these disciplines.

As time progressed, this Medispa program naturally moved to include wellness centers including those offering weight loss, hormone treatments and body contouring.

Coverage in each of our programs is tailored to the needs of the individual business and has many a la carte options to satisfy risk areas. We can help brokers develop applications, manuals and unique policy endorsements.

Twenty two years later, PPIB is still leading the way in insurance innovation. Our underwriting staff is made up of specialists for each program that truly understand the industries we insured. Niche understandings include small programs that cater to those that assist seniors moving into new living situations to large scale programs that provide product liability for marijuana products and edibles. Some of the newest additions to our program line include Smoke Shop retail locations, Pyrotechnics, Medical Consultants to the Healthcare Industry, Electronic Cigarettes and Wellness Centers.

PPIB prides itself on our ability to pioneer insurance for classes of business that others shy away from. PPIB has the long term stability to aggressively assist brokers in this ever changing society and has been able to put many programs together in a short period of time.

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