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PPIB Honored as Top Specialist Broker for Tattoo / Body Piercing by Insurance Business Magazine (IBA)

Professional Program Insurance Brokerage of Novato CA is pleased to announce that Joanna Rogers and Khanh Le were promoted to Underwriters as of January 1, 2017.

Rogers has been with PPIB for three years learning underwriting and serving as Executive Assistant to President Susan Preston and Vice President Susan Etter. This promotion is in recognition of her many contributions to the growth of PPIB and her excellent skills in underwriting.

Le has been with PPIB for two years handling renewals for Medispas, Tattoo shops, and permanent cosmetic technicians. Due to her strong ability to both underwrite and sell, PPIB has promoted her into a role with more public outreach.

PPIB is a program manager with over 11 unique contracts and binding authorities. According to Preston “PPIB’s reputation in these markets have benefited from the client related skills of both Rogers and Le.”

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