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Does Your Salon Insurance Really Have You Covered?

Your beauty salon insurance policy likely provides coverage for slip and fall accidents, theft, and fire. However, in our sue-happy society, standard beauty insurance coverage may not be enough to protect you and your company from the financial devastation of a lawsuit. Here are some additional beauty salon insurance options to consider.


Communicable disease: If someone in your salon is directly responsible for transmitting a contagious illness, they can be sued. And guess what? As the salon owner, you could also be prosecuted as a third party who had the responsibility to prevent the transmission of an infectious disease at your salon. Standard policies may exclude this from general liability coverage, but you can add it if you feel there is a risk of encountering issues.


Sexual abuse coverage: You may be sued if accused of impropriety with clients, but you could also find yourself in need of an attorney as the salon owner or supervisor if you failed to warn others there was a potential for abuse. Additionally, you could be held responsible for hiring negligence or failing to supervise someone adequately.


Private label coverage: If you put your company name on a product and sell it as your own, you take responsibility for the effects of those products. If the shampoo you put your label on gave your client a severe rash, you are liable. It doesn’t matter that you had nothing to do with the manufacturing of the shampoo. Ask your insurance professional to ensure that you have adequate insurance coverage for any private label products you sell in your beauty salon. 


Take the guesswork out of protecting your beauty salon: Contact our beauty insurance specialists and ask for a complimentary review of your current policy or a quote for your new business. We will work with our A-rated carriers to get the appropriate insurance coverage options for your salon.

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