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Beauty Salon Insurance Claim – What to Expect

What happens if you need to file a claim with your salon insurance company? Our beauty salon insurance agents spill so that you can get through the process without additional hassle. Check out these simple instructions and tips in case you ever need to file a claim.


  • If you are the victim of a crime, call the police first. Were you robbed, assaulted, or the victim of any criminal activity? If so, report it to law enforcement professionals. Then ask them if there is a report number to share with your insurance agent.
  • Notify your salon insurance company. 
  • If you have a claim that is not crime-related, notify your insurance company. Incidents that may necessitate a claim are theft, storm damage, accidents incurring medical expenses, fire, lawsuit, legal allegations, or property damage. When sharing information with your beauty insurance company, make sure to include your policy number in all correspondence.
  • If you are a PPIB client, you can email us details regarding a claim anytime at claims@ppibcorp.com
  • Speak to an insurance representative. You can ask your salon insurance representative to walk you through the claim submission process because it can vary (particularly timelines). It’s also an opportunity for your representative to get more detail from you to prepare a claim form that goes to the insurer. 
  • Note: After you call or email the details of your claim, your insurance agent or broker will “file the claim.” PPIB files claims within one business day of receiving them. Your email or phone call to your agent starts the claim process, but only the agent can officially file your claim.
  •  Gather information. The claims adjuster will want proof of loss as well as any other pertinent information, for example, an inventory of damaged or destroyed items and their value, photographs, or videos. You’ll need to work with them to complete the process and receive a settlement. Begin to assemble the information to verify the loss to your salon business. The details you need will vary depending on the claim; however, you will receive details when you speak with your claims adjuster. While you can take steps to mitigate further damage (like cover up a broken window in your salon or remove faulty machinery), don’t throw things away and save any receipts for temporary repairs.
  • Expect to hear from your claims adjuster.  A claims adjuster will usually call within 2-3 days after your agent has filed your claim. The adjuster is typically an employee of the insurer or a contractor hired by them. Be prepared to meet with the insurance adjuster, who may want to inspect the property in person and review any documentation you have to support your claim. 
  • Be diligent. If the insurer authorizes repairs, don’t rush out for the most expensive replacements. You may be required to demonstrate that you sought bids for repairs. Keep records of all expenses and price shopping related to your claim. Your documentation might include receipts and the names and phone numbers of anyone that you speak to about your claim. 


Incidents that result in insurance claims tend to be stressful. At PPIB, our salon insurance agents strive to support you and make the process of filing a claim as easy as possible. Contact us today whether to request a quote or share details regarding a claim we’re here to help. 

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