Village of Hope

HopeCore is dedicated to fostering integrated social and economic development in rural communities in Kenya and Africa. our goal is to enable and empower members of rural African communities by providing microloans, business education, health education, and support to the school children, teachers, and parents of our partner schools, loan recipients, and the community as a whole. READ MORE

Village of Hope

Members of Wells Fargo Center for the Arts donations bring cutting-edge artists and world-renowned stage favorites to Sonoma County, provide the magic of live theater and the power of the arts in education to 30,000 school children annually, and create a vibrant home for arts an culture in our community. READ MORE

Village of Hope

The Marine mammal Center's mission is to expand knowledge about marine mammals-their health and that of their ocean environment - and to inspire their global conservation. Our core work is the rescue and rehabilitation of sick and injured marine mammals, supported by state-of-the-art animal care and research facilities, a corps of dedicated volunteers, and an engaged community. READ MORE

Media All Stars

Media All Stars primary goal is to provide America's High Schools with effective community relationships, premiere marketing exposure, and fundraising campaigns at no cost, risk or effort to the schools. READ MORE

Thai Elephant Conservation Center

The Thai Elephant Conservation Center (TECC), founded in 1993 under Royal Patronage, cares for more than 50 Asian elephants in a beautiful forest conveniently located near the famous city of Chiang Mai. READ MORE

SF-Marin Food Bank

The SF-Marin Food Bank' mission is to end hunger in San Francisco and Marin. Through 27 years of innovative service the organization provides farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, neighborhood pantries where people can choose their food, nutrition education classes, and much more. READ MORE

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