Brokers and agents

PPIB works with agents, brokers, wholesalers and MGAs nationwide. Our programs are available in all states.

We were founded in 1993 to handle proprietary programs on a national basis. Brokers all over the US appreciate our quick response time and our ability to work via phone, fax and email. We make it easy for brokers to submit business and get binding within their time frame. People are busy so it is vital to have an insurance program that responds when your client needs it.

We do not have premium commitments for our agents and we offer higher commissions to MGAs & Wholesalers. Broker agreements are required to bind coverage but we do not require them to quote.

Find out why more and more brokers are submitting their program business to PPIB.

Program Design

PPIB has the ability to design programs for our brokers and agents. We have successfully created individualized programs for associations, franchises, and entire industries. PPIB partners with some of the largest carriers in the nation, and based on these relationships we are able to help brokers create their programs from the ground up.

We have found that most agents find it difficult to partner directly with an insurance company on a new program as they face challenges like lack of exclusivity, enormous premium commitments, or the requirement that an agent move an existing book of business to package with the new program idea. PPIB is able to partner with our agents to bring their unique program ideas to life. We offer exclusives to our brokers on their programs and will help to design policy forms and endorsements, rating methodology, underwriting guidelines and applications.

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Broker Services

  • Customized marketing flyers
  • Broker Branded Applications
  • Consent, Medical History and Aftercare forms for your clients to use within their facilities
  • Industry research & education

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